Welcome to Extreme Fitness boot camp

It is through the collective experiences of our instructors at Extreme Fitness Boot Camps that we have incorporated our NFL and collegiate track and field experiences into our performance base fitness boot camps. Our boot camps are designed for both men and women who want to take fitness to the next level. We will assist you with cardiovascular fitness, losing weight, toning and the generally tighten up of your body for both cosmetic as well as for functional purposes.

“Until now, the health club industry has been erroneously under the influence of the "fitness movement" which has been defined by appearance and not true fitness. Additionally popular culture would have you believe that physical transformation, getting fit is difficult or even impossible.  Everyone from athletes to gym members have been body building instead of building functional strength which results in a leaner tighter body. Your workout program should make daily chores like cleaning, running for a bus, or simply moving through eight hours of work easeful and joyful. Leaving you with plenty of energy for play!”

It is not necessary for you to believe transformation is easy; for now, we will be your mind, your heart, your faith. Bring us your DESIRE for change, and we will give you the knowledge of what is POSSIBLE, and the methods for CREATING your dreams.


All our boot camps are taught by former collegiate or professional athletes and it is through our performance based boot camps that we strive to inspire our participants to get outside their comfort zones to make for a better you. While doing so our boot campers can expect to see the following results:

Weight loss for both men and women
Sizes reduction in clothes
Increase in strength and in endurance
Improve coordination
Inches lost in midsection
Reduction in body fat
Improve posture and increase energy
Improve self-confidence